Commercial Lines Processor

Company Name:
Hub International
Job Description
This role requires an individual who is professional and has the discipline to effectively manage a variety of support tasks assigned by the Account Manager(s). Specifically, the goal of the Commercial Lines Processor is to provide processing assistance to the Account Manager(s) to increase the overall efficiency of the new and renewal business process.
Assists in processing of new and renewal policies by utilizing standard check-in procedure, requiring high degree of care and attention to detail as well as knowledge of insurance coverages
Prints, assembles, and prepares policies for delivery to the client, ensuring that the product has a neat, professional appearance; mails out policies and related documents (i.e., auto ID cards) with appropriate cover letter when requested
Provides support with processing of endorsements, including ordering endorsements when requested, reviewing endorsements for accuracy, managing related diary entries, and mailing to client
Scans and attaches documents, according to guidelines established for Sagitta attachments, recognizing the need for consistency, accuracy, and proper labeling
Orders motor vehicle reports online on an individual or account basis, at request, and forwards to Account Manager
Utilizes company websites as needed to download and/or attach documents, including policies, endorsements, and loss runs
Appropriately documents activities and updates agency management system when necessary and provides data entry assistance at request of Account Manager
Manages workflow utilizing folder system allowing handling of certain tasks on specific days of the week and allowing separation of mail by Account Manager
Attends meetings, along with Account Managers and Producers, with company field representatives to stay informed and abreast of changes
Supports Account Manager at critical times with whatever task(s) may be required to complete new or renewal business transaction

Don't Be Fooled

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